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Alkaline foods

Top 5 spring foods to lose weight and detox your body

4 april 2013 |

Spring is a time for new beginnings. With this season's top alkaline foods you can easily detoxify your body, lose weight and replenish your energy stores.

purple sprouting broccoli
woman slicing vegetables

It's time to liven up mealtimes with a feast of alkaline foods and do your health a favour in the meantime. The following spring vegetables are nutritious, delicious alkaline foods and readily available at this time of year - and what's more, a welcome break from the jaded winter selection. Tantalise your tastebuds and expand your culinary repertoire by trying one of these delicious vegetables. Your body will thank you.

Purple sprouting broccoli

This pretty vegetable has long green stalks with purple flower heads. Related to the broccoli we all know and love (or hate as the case may be), the flavour is slightly milder, though the purple sprouting broccoli itself is as rich in vitamins, fibre, magnesium, iron and protein as its green relative.

Look for firm green stalks topped with clusters of purplish and green. Purple sprouting broccoli can be served simply steamed and drizzled with butter or try sautéing it with garlic, lemon, cream and white wine and serving with ribbons on fresh pasta.

Did you know?
Broccoli is one of the vegetables which help keep cancer at bay »


While celeriac may not be the most attractive vegetable to look at, think of it as having an inner beauty just waiting to be discovered.


Full of antioxidants, Vitamin K, iron, calcium, and copper, but low in calories, this alkaline food has to be eaten at least 2 or 3 times per week.

The flavour is slightly nutty with celery-like undertones and you can cook it just as you would cook potatoes. Try combining it with mash for a nutritious topping to your Shepherds Pie - a sneaky way to get a few vegetables into unsuspecting children.

Globe Artichoke

An impressive looking starter, Globe Artichokes can be somewhat scary to those who have never cooked them before, but in reality they are simple to prepare. Boil or stem for 30-40 minutes and serve with melted butter in which you dip the delicious leaves, scraping off the flesh with your teeth. The thistly centre can be removed and discarded to reveal the treasure that is, the artichoke heart.

Globe Artichoke is one of the top healthy foods due to its potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C, and folic acid contents. This alkaline food is high in fiber and low in fat, supporting weight loss.


Liven up those spring salads by replacing boring old lettuce with some chard and boost your vitamin levels through the roof.


Also rich in dietary fibre, magnesium and iron it can be served raw in a salad or cooked similarly to spinach - chard holds it's shape better once cooked. Perfect choice if you are trying to lose weight or as part of a detoxifying diet.

Dr. Robert O. Young is the driving force behind the alkaline eating movement, who say that the pH value of your body affects your health. According to Young, the human body is naturally alkaline, and by eating too many acidic and processed foods our pH levels can go astray, leading to countless health problems such as heart complaints, brittle bones, kidney disease and diabetes, not to mention tiredness and obesity.
Despite criticism that the alkaline diet has little scientific evidence to back it up, there are many people who claim that it helped them to regain their figure or return to full health.


High in fibre with a good dose of Vitamin C and calcium, now you have even more reason to indulge in that Rhubarb Crumble. Traditionally used in cakes and desserts, this alkaline foods sharp, tart flavour also compliments meat and oily fish dishes. Try serving it as a sauce with ginger (a la Jamie Oliver) to serve with slow roasted duck. Yum.

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