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5 signs that he has fallen completely in love with you

6 july 2012 | yours.ie

Instead of sitting in a pool of flower petals, pondering the six-marker, 'he loves me, he loves me not...?', look instead to your gurus at yours.ie. The following signs will show if your love interest has really fallen for you, warts and all.

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You’re possibly keen to weigh up lust versus love factors, especially if you’re moving on from the early days of your relationship. How many of us have been caught out by the rush following first encounters - and subsequent failure to notice major warning signs? Take comfort in the fact that we, eventually, learn from our mistakes. And let our signs-on guide help you along your way.

Ready and willing

If your love interest is really into you, he’ll make an effort to see you and spend time with you. That means no game-playing, no ‘forgetting’ to call when he says he will, no false promises, no excuses. If you’re at the receiving end of plenty of texts, calls, emails or messages - coupled with regular dates - then you know you’re on his mind for all the right reasons.

The wandering eye

We know how easily men have their heads turned - a tall, bouncy-haired bombshell walks by and they stop talking, mid-sentence, to turn and gawk. It’s pretty annoying, but it’s also pretty normal - and you can’t pretend you didn’t clock that handsome Adonis either...

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But back to our ‘He loves you, loves you not’ dilemma. If your guy is keeping the head-turning to a minimum, even in the face of obviously attractive ladies, engaging instead in regular bouts of eye-contact with your good self, then congratulations, you’re on a winner.

Meet and greet

It’s daunting, it can be awkward, it’s nowhere near as much fun as a night out on the town - but the plus side of going to meet his parents is the boost it gives your relationship. It’s a clear sign that he’s well into you. A man isn’t going to invite just anyone home to his family - particularly if he has brothers or sisters who enjoy an opportunity to slag, or a parent who’s fond of interrogations. So if he’s suggesting you meet his family, or best friend, or anyone important, take that as a major step in the right direction.

Word up

If he’s falling or has fallen for you, he’ll value your opinion on a range of matters. He’ll ask for your thoughts, feelings and opinions, rather than you having to give them - or spell them out. He’ll be open to your suggestions.

Hopefully, all going well, he’ll be comfortable enough to express his own thoughts and feelings. Although an Irish writer, Belinda McKeon, in her 2011 novel Solace, summed up the challenge facing us: ‘...the smile he gave her had something unsettling in it, something awkward. Of course it has, she thought, here you are, trying to talk about emotions with an Irish man.’ Indeed.

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Making plans

If you’re fortunate enough to have a happy chappie in your life, and you find he’s open to talking about his thoughts and feelings - and asking about yours - then get ready for the next major step. The future’s looking rosy if he’s talking about it, making suggestions for it - the future, that is. Keep in mind the old adage, ‘Patience is the key to joy’, and you could find that he’s not the only one who’s fallen in love.

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