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Baby bathing technique is a huge hit on Youtube

22 october 2012 |

An experienced french nurse released a video recently on Youtube, showing the technique which she has developed over years of bathing newborn babies. Watched by almost 2 million people, the vid shows signs of changing long-held beliefs about baby bathtime.

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baby massage

30 years bathing babies

Sonia Rochel, the 51-year-old nurse who uploaded the video, has had 30 years of experience working with new-born babies, in addition to being a mother of five and a grandmother. Her experience in the field led her to experiment with ways of making bathtime a less traumatic, and altogether more calming and loving occasion for both parent and child. Looking at the video, it would appear she has succeeded.

No wonder babies cry at bathtime

On seeing the success of the video, Sonia has also opened a blog where she tries to pass on some of her secrets: "For as long as I can remember, new-born care has remained unchanged" she writes, "especially techniques for bathtime.

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Is it any wonder most children cry when being bathed? While actually, being submerged in water is the most natural thing in the world to a small baby, it is the state they spent 9 months in inside the womb. This is why adults consider bathing as a way to relax and revitalise themselves."

Practical and spiritual bathtime tips

While some of Rochel's tips are of a most prosaic and practical nature - never bathe a hungry baby, and wait for 20-30 minutes after feeding - she also brings a more spiritual view to the experience: "Allow your heart to lead your hands".

baby bath

As shown in the video, it is fine to use the washbasin as a bath - as long as you are careful to avoid bumping baby into the taps - because it is at a comfortable height, and means you the parent won't be more worried about your back than your baby.
Heat the bathroom to 23-24 degrees Celsius, and the water to 38. It is good to leave the water running gently, as this will keep the bath from going cold, and also has a calming effect on junior.

Bathing is not only about cleaning

If done correctly, and with love and patience, then bathtime can be a far more meaningful and rewarding experience than a simple cleaning exercise. With some peaceful music in the background, feel free to drag it out for 15 minutes. Allow baby to enjoy the sensation of moving in the water, and don't worry about a little going into their eyes, they are used to it!

Try to keep the parts of baby which are not submerged warm, either with your hand or with the running water, and when you are finished wrap them immediately in the biggest, softest towel you can find. Bathtime is about much more than getting baby's bum clean for bed, allow it to be a special time for both of you to relax and bond in peace.

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