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Supper Clubs - The New Dining Phenomenon
Ciara Warnock • 18 february 2013
Dublin is the latest in a long line of capital cities to embrace the new dining culture that is The Supper Club. Also known as Secret Dining or Underground...
Kian still more impressed by Andy than Andy is by Kian
yours.ie • 17 february 2013
It's battle time in the Voice of Ireland, and while the judges wheeled out their biggest guns in the form of world class assistants, the singers were able to show sides of themselves which we didn't get to see in the blind auditions. Some shone, some crashed and burned.
Old age the reason behind Pope's resignation
yours.ie • 11 february 2013
In a shock revelation this morning, Pope Benedict XVI announced to a meeting of Vatican cardinals that he will resign on the 28th of February.
Desperation in the chair
yours.ie • 10 february 2013
Today saw the final day of blind auditions in the Voice of Ireland, and there was no disguising the sense of desperation in some of the judges chairs as they struggled to fill the remaining spots on their teams.
Now now ladies, let’s keep it professional...
Ciara Warnock • 5 february 2013
It was week 5 of the blind auditions at The Voice of Ireland and the claws were most definitely out. Sharon and Jamelia in particular nearly came to blows over French ingénue Alexandra Miller.
Ouch, that must hurt! Tempers flare in the Voice of Ireland
yours.ie • 27 january 2013
Week 4 of the blind auditions, and after a bit of a touchy-feely episode last week, we are glad to say...
Kian finally gets rolling, but Bressie takes first prize
yours.ie • 21 january 2013
Week 3 of the blind auditions, and the pressure is starting to show as the judges slowly realise how difficult it might be to find 12 great singers each. Much to our disappointment there was far less tension between the jury members, since Kian getting a few decent voices for his team seemed to ease his frustration. Jamelia had a quiet day, Sharon ploughed along steadily, but it was Bressie who grabbed the cream of the crop.
"Don't pick him because he's cute"
yours.ie • 13 january 2013
Jamelia rules the roost, Sharon is getting desperate, Bressie gets the girls, and Kian grabs the leftovers.
What to do in Ireland this weekend? - Events on the 12th and 13th of January
yours.ie • 11 january 2013
Here are some suggestions for ways to nourish both body and mind this weekend.
"It's not the Bressie show, it's the Voice of Ireland"
yours.ie • 6 january 2013
Amazing vocal performances, nerves, catfighting and relatives on the verge of heart failure: It's all there in the brand new Voice of Ireland.
What to do in Ireland this weekend?
yours.ie • 4 january 2013
As the winter months draw on before us, it is time to start looking for new, creative and interesting ways to entertain the family, so here are a few suggestions for this weekend.
Beyonce, Jamie Foxx and Will Ferrell back gun control campaign
yours.ie • 22 december 2012
In the wake of the shooting in Newtown, celebrities have taken part in a video released by Demand a plan.
Share your moment! 12.12.12 12:12
yours.ie • 12 december 2012
What was the world doing at 12:12 on the 12th day of the 12th month of 2012? Join our competition and share your moment!
The mystery of Clapham Wood
yours.ie • 29 november 2012
Clapham Wood in Sussex is an idyllic and quiet setting which has for decades been the scene of incidents involving unaccounted-for corpses, mutilated pets and...
Larry Hagman passes away at 81
yours.ie • 24 november 2012
Larry Hagman, the actor best known for playing J.R. Ewing in the iconic television series Dallas, passed away in the city of the same name on friday.
10 most annoying habits of passengers
yours.ie • 19 november 2012
A survey of more than 700 international cabin crew members, from 85 countries by Skyscanner has revealed their perfect airline passenger, and it's a surprising result.
Channing Tatum voted Sexiest Man Alive 2012 by PEOPLE magazine
yours.ie • 15 november 2012
While not necessarily everyone's type, we have to admit that the 32 y.o. star is not bad looking, and People magazine's readers obviously agree, giving him the "Sexiest Man Alive 2012" title.
My Irish Guide - The wonderful new way to see Ireland
yours.ie • 15 november 2012
Sometimes it helps to have an expert whispering advice in your ear. Eager visitors to Ireland can now enjoy just...
Message on Facebook about privacy is a hoax
yours.ie • 10 november 2012
A message which has gone viral in recent days on Facebook has turned out to be a hoax.
Gary Barlow out of X Factor as Simon Cowell returns?
yours.ie • 6 november 2012
There are conflicting reports circulating about Gary Barlow's future in the X Factor, as some sources say he has had enough, while his representative denies that he has any plans to leave.
Daniel Craig beats Pierce Brosnan in free pass competition
yours.ie • 29 october 2012
As Bond-mania sweeps the planet, american online dating site IllicitEncounters.com has run a competition to see...
X Factor producers 'nervous' about Britney Spears
yours.ie • 26 october 2012
Worried producers of the American X Factor have reportedly asked for a longer than usual time-lapse during the...
Madonna dedicates onstage striptease to Pakistani Taliban victim
yours.ie • 14 october 2012
In a her latest contrived "shocker", pop idol Madonna dedicated an onstage striptease to Malala Yousafzai...
Tony Scott commits suicide
yours.ie • 20 august 2012
The 'Top Gun' director has been found dead after jumping from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles yesterday, police authorities have revealed.
The Killers' Ronnie Vannucci grabbed Obama's behind
yours.ie • 16 august 2012
The Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci has confessed he accidentally "grabbed Michelle Obama's bum" as he...
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