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Beautiful christmas e-cards

5 great online card-sending sites

11 december 2011 |

E-cards cannot be turned upside down and shaken to see if they hold monetary gifts, but they usually make us smile, and occasionally laugh out loud. Here are some of the sites worth looking at.

christmas tree
christmas ornament illustration

For Christmas ecards visit is one of our favourites - its tag line is 'when you care enough to hit send' . It specialises in parodies of sentiments from the traditional 'Hallmark' type cards.

A few examples of these are 'May you never let the crumbling economy get in the way of fulfilling my Christmas list' or 'Remember its the thought that counts as you’re reading this free e-card'.


Their deadpan humour has met with widespread approval. They cover all occasions - but also some unusual ones such as breakups or flirting. This is a free site and is well worth a look. You don’t have to register with them to send an ecard, the site is very easy to navigate and your card is gone in a couple of clicks!

For Christmas ecards visit has been around since the year dot. The ecards on this site are more traditional, depicting festive scenes and snow covered villages.

They are interactive and require the recipient to click on various items - such as the village Christmas tree, the village band stand, etc. - to turn on twinkling fairy lights. It then opens up to reveal your message, while playing “silent night” to enhance your experience.


Some of the cards are free, but most require a subscription cost of $2.99 per month or $19.99 per annum. The site takes a little longer to navigate but the overall effect is worth it. The free card will take you less than 2 minutes to send.

For Christmas ecards visit

This established greeting card manufacturer has woken up to their electronic competition but still have a long way to go in our opinion. In the Christmas ecard section only have one free card, which is very low tech and unlikely to provide Christmas cheer to anyone.


They do have plenty of others if you are willing to subscribe and pay for them. The site requires registration to send any of the cards (even the free one) and is time-consuming to navigate.

For Christmas ecards visit is freemium site - in other words some of the content is free. They offer a range of video Christmas ecards in which you can cast 1-5 characters. You simply import photos from your computer or directly from Facebook and paste them onto the characters.

The results are very impressive. You can watch your kids/friends dance around to soundtracks such as ‘Rocking around the Christmas tree’, ‘Feliz Navidad,’ and ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’.


This takes a little more time but its really worth it. Jibjab offer a range of products which you can personalise as well as a new product for the iPad in which you can put your child’s face and name into a storybook.

For Christmas ecards visit

This is the only charity site featured. The St. Vincent de Paul website offers all manner of ecards. They have a choice of 7 Christmas cards which are all free. (You can make a donation to SVP if you wish.)


Where this site succeeds is on the corporate side. A company can send Christmas wishes to clients while making a charitable donation to a very worthy cause. Also of note is the reduction in the corporate carbon footprint. The site is very easy to navigate and requires no registration.

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